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Disclaimer — This post should not be interpreted as means for academic evaluation of any kind. It is just to familiarise you with the concept.

For most of the newbie web developers out there perhaps the most intriguing term you hear is “API”. An API to link your frontend to the backend, to pull resources from a CDN, for user authentication, or simply to fetch weather data for your website. It’s everywhere! …

When it comes to learning a programming language, almost everyone starts their journey with variables. I know, some of you probably have been exhausted of studying them over and over again in every new language you learn and that it may seem banal to you. But understanding it a bit more will help you in the long run.

Boxes! That’s all they are. Whenever you ask a programmer about it, it’s most likely that they’ll tell you that “a variable can be thought of as a box that has something in it” P.S. …


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